we have a wide range of external cladding products, including, brick, natural stone and porcelain.


we have a wide range of external cladding products, including, brick, natural stone and porcelain.


Corium is a unique brick cladding system that combines the natural beauty of genuine brick with cost effective fast track installation.

Corium is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland and across the world. It has been used on many prestigeous developments over the past few years.

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experience our range of cladding in our cladding library. Here you can select from our range and use our interactive scenes to view your selection in various locations, while also changing patterns and angles.

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outHaus offer many types of external wall cladding solutions such as brick or natural stone cladding. Brick cladding is becoming more and more popular in Ireland thanks the ability to add large amounts of insulation to the back of the slips, without taking more space than a tradition brick width.

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outHaus have a large range of external natural stone wall cladding systems for your development.
In addition to the insulated external solutions that outHaus offer, we also have an extensive selection of stone cladding systems which are suitable for internal and external use.

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outHaus are distributors for E-Board in Ireland and the UK, we are also distributors for E-Brick in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We are also suppliers of the new Signa Brick Cladding System.

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Signa consists of a weather-resistant Rockpanel® onto which a composition, which can be designed by you, of Vandersanden brick slips is adhesively bonded. The panels are produced for you ready-to-use. In this way you can give your projects a unique and striking look.

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A range of bricks that is unparalleled – sourced from Ireland, the UK and Europe’s most elite brick manufacturers.
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Cladding Walls

Brick, stone and tile cladding, for external spaces in retro-fit and new-build.
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Natural stone, brick and porcelain paving, in an abundance of colours and textures.
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Stone Accessories

Made to order or off the shelf, if you want it in stone, we can make it, any colour, any texture.
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