A unique brick cladding system from Outhaus Facades exclusive to the Irish market.


A unique brick cladding system from Outhaus Facades exclusive to the Irish market


A highly effective and easy to use system of interlocking steel sections (rails) that are designed to allow profiled brick tiles to be mechanically clipped in. The vertical and horizontal joints between the CORIUM brick tiles are then pointed (using a pointing gun) to provide a natural brickwork finish.

Key features:

Convenient – Removes traditional brick and associated onsite logistics from the project’s critical path
Authentic – Extruded natural clay brick in a rainscreen cladding solution
Aesthetic – Available in a wide range of colours, textures and sizes, allowing full creative control
Rapid Installation – Saves time and money on site, up to 4 times faster than traditional brickwork
Accredited – Industry tested and certified
Reliable – Proven track record in the market for 18+ years
Versatile – Conducive to offsite construction



01. Strength

• Mechanically fixed
• Impact resistant
• Independently tested
• 60+ year durability


02. Speed

• Up to 4 times faster than traditional brickwork
• Not weather dependent
• Fast Enclosure
• Removes brick façade work from the critical path
• No scaffolding requirement


03. Support Service

• Supply and fix installers
• Budget estimates of cost and time
• Manufactured by Europe’s largest brick company Wienerberger


04. Creativity

• Architects can bring any design to life using the CORIUM system
• Brick tiles can be mounted at any angle to achieve truly dynamic finishes – even overhead for soffits and ceilings


CORIUM is an extruded natural clay brick tile that forms part of a Ventilated Rainscreen façade system. Part of its uniqueness and innovation lies in its ease of use; it comprises a system of interlocking steel sections (carrier rails) that are fixed to a sub-frame. These specifically profiled high corrosive resistant Magnelis or 304 Stainless Steel rails are designed to allow profiled brick tiles of various dimensions to be mechanically clipped in while maintaining a 10mm horizontal mortar joint, this can be done onsite or in an offsite environment if a unitised solutions is preferred. Unlike brick slips which rely on adhesives, this mechanical “clipping” feature is unique to CORIUM and ensures a high strength façade whilst enabling some adjustment of tile position during installation. The vertical and horizontal joints between the CORIUM brick tiles are then pointed (using a pointing gun) with Parex Historic KL cement free mortar especially developed for use with CORIUM, providing that natural brickwork finish. A range of proprietary one piece pistol corners, window reveals, air bricks, soldier brick tiles and soffit brick tiles complement the system. CORIUM is installed by manufacturer trained installers. CORIUM can be installed from mobile platforms, scissor lifts, mast climbers or traditional scaffolding.

An extensive range of colours and textures are available that has been design to blend with or complement most new build or refurbishment projects also provides specifiers with a host of options including glazed finishes and larger brick tile formats. As CORIUM is predominantly a dry design system its easy installation and associated onsite logistics is four times faster than traditional brickwork, saving time and money on site.

CORIUM and the CORIUM Rail carries the highest fire rating per EN13501-1, A1 Non-Combustible. CORIUM is convenient and reliable and thanks to its industry accreditation such as CWCT, BRE135, BS8414-1, EN13501-1 and BBA Certification, specifiers can be certain of its durability and strength.


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