Shackerley, an Outhaus Facades partner, is a UK manufacturer of fire resistant ventilated facade systems supplying ceramic granite, engineered stone and terracotta and has been providing external cladding solutions for over 30 years.


fire resistant ventilated facade systems supplying ceramic granite, engineered stone and terracotta

Sureclad – Ceramic Granite Facades

Made entirely from natural constituents, ceramic granite offers an almost infinite array of design options and can be fashioned to deliver a highly contemporary appearance or to reproduce all the natural beauty and variation of naturally hewn stone such as granite or marble.

Shackerley is able to supply this innovative material in a myriad of colourways and styles as can be seen in the SureClad® Ceramic Granite Collection. Because of the advanced technology involved in its manufacture, every ceramic granite panel remains unique whilst offering complete tonal integrity and consistency of design. The appearance is more than skin deep. With its through-body vitrification, patterns and graining will not change over time as the material is completely impermeable and resistant to the effects of light and UV radiation.

Key features:

• Choice of finish
• Impermeability
• Strong and lightweight
• Versatile

More cladding materials

The range of façade materials that can be specified now includes large format engineered stone, crystallised glass, terracotta and even thicker heavier quarried stones such as limestone and granite. Whatever material is employed, the result is a sleek façade, completely uninterrupted by visible fixings. Where solid panels are employed, this is achieved through a patented method of undercut anchorage ( SureClad® terracotta ventilated facades feature extruded dual skin panels, which are affixed using a bespoke clip system).

Undercut anchorage

Stainless steel undercut anchors are used to attach fixings to the rear of the solid façade panels so that they can be mounted in a strong, safe, secure and stress free manner onto a SureClad® carrier system. (This method of installation complies with BS 5385 Part 2 which calls for all ceramic cladding panels with a surface area greater than 0.1m2 to be mechanically fixed when used above first floor level.) These fixings will either be SureClad® Access support straps or SureClad® Hang On brackets. The size and weight of the façade panels to be installed will usually dictate which type of SureClad® system is to be used. Click here to see more details of the SureClad® Access System and the SureClad® Hang On System.

Quality standards

Offsite prefabrication all takes place in Shackerley’s ISO9001 quality accredited production facilities, helping to deliver the highest quality installation on site and significantly reducing the time and cost involved.

Engineered in high grade aluminium alloy, all SureClad® system component parts and profiles are designed for efficient installation and long service. All primary fixing brackets and horizontal rails are supplied pre-punched with fixed and flex mounting points to accommodate thermal expansion.

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