Types Clay Brick


Facing Bricks

Available in a wide range of types, colours and textures.

Engineering Bricks

Guaranteed minimum compressive strength and maximum water absorption:

Class A more than 70N/mm*

Class B more than 50N/mm*

Brick Specials

Outhaus offer a wide variety of clay bricks in special shapes or sizes to complement, or contrast, with all facing bricks. These special bricks can be either purpose-made or cut and bonded. Please see our Brick Specials Page for more information.

Clay Facing Brick Types:


Stock Bricks

These are machine-moulded bricks with a ‘frog’ indent. The use of sand to release the brick from the mould contributes to its soft appearance and slightly irregular shape.

Handmade Bricks

These are hand thrown bricks with a distinctive creased texture.

Machine-moulded Handmade Bricks

These are machine thrown bricks with a subtle creased texture.

Waterstruck Bricks

These are moulded bricks released from the mould by water. They are solid and contain no holes or frogs. The use of water, together with the wetness of the clay, produces a smooth and lipped edge.

Extruded/Wirecut Bricks

These bricks are made by extruding clay through a dye and cutting the brick-shaped column with a wire. This process produces a smooth brick, more regular in shape, with sharp clean edges. Surface textures can be applied by adding sand or texturing the face.