a unique brick cladding system.


a unique brick cladding system.


A highly effective and easy to use system of interlocking steel or aluminium sections (rails) that can be mechanically fixed to most sub straights. These specially profiled rails are designed to allow profiled brick tiles to be clipped in in-situ. The vertical and horizontal joints between the tiles are then pointed (using a pointing gun) to provide a natural brickwork finish.

Key features:

Convenience – Eliminates brickwork and associated onsite logistics from the project’s critical path
Aesthetics – Provides a real brick look that will age like a natural clay brick.
Variety – Available in a wide range of colours, textures and sizes, allowing full creative control.
Fast – Saves time and money on site
Accredited – Industry tested and certified
Reliable – Proven track record in the market for 15+ years.
Versatile – Conducive to offsite construction



01. Strength

• Mechanical fixing
• Impact resistance
• Independently tested
• 60+ year durability


02. Speed

• Rapid Construction
• Up to 6 times faster than brickwork
• Competitive with cladding systems
• Not weather dependent
• Fast Enclosure
• Removes brick façade work from the critical path


03. Simplicity

• Supply and fix – approved installers
• Budget estimates of cost and time
• Tile and steel packages to end users
• Full technical support/design advice


04. Creativity

• Vertical brick and angled facing brick are possible. The flexability of the system allows for uses outside of those available to traditional bricks.


CORIUM is installed by manufacturer trained and accredited installers. Contractors can install CORIUM from mobile platforms, scissor lifts, mast climbers or traditional scaffolding.

CORIUM functions as a pre-fabricated solution manufactured under quality controlled, factory conditions. This allows for smooth, efficient and hassle-free construction with reduced materials wastage, dramatically reduced site construction time and effectively eliminates adverse weather delays.

The CORIUM panels are available as lightweight steel frames or unitised aluminium systems. Choosing CORIUM panels for larger scale projects will see significant savings across all areas of your project’s critical path.

CORIUM is suitable for use with a wide variety of sub-structures including concrete, timber- frame, structural steel, lightweight steel frames and masonry and structurally insulated panels.


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