Brick Cut & Bonded Specials

Any special shaped bricks that conform to brick dimensions can be produced at the outHaus Craft Shop located in our Santry showrooms. This service enables us to cut and bond standard bricks into the design you require (in working quantities) within 5 working days, helping to ensure that your project stays on track and with no loss of time.

Where construction programmes do not allow for the normal lead times required to manufacture special shaped bricks, as an alternative, cut and bonded bricks can be used for the majority of situations. The process involves two or more units of standard brick cut, bonded and shaped to meet specifiers’ requirements.


If you would like to include decorative designs in your brickwork, we can help. By providing contrasting coloured and shaped bricks, your bricklayer should then be able to achieve the unique design you have in mind. From plinths, arches and cills to angle doglegs for bay windows, we can help you create the individual style you envisage for your home or building.