outHaus offers over 500 different bricks to choose from and each one of our brick ranges exudes style, charisma and superior quality. So whether you’re searching for a contemporary design or something more traditional, you’ll find our vast brick selection offers character and individuality as well as exciting design opportunities you simply won’t find with alternative materials.

Although some of our bricks are still handmade, the firing process now plays an essential role in colour variations, giving you a wonderful array to choose from including red bricksyellow bricks and blue bricks.

Special shaped bricks

The outHaus Brick Division was established in 1979 to satisfy the growing demand for special shaped bricks. We can offer a complete range of standard specials, both manufactured and cut and bonded to compliment our extensive brick range. Our highly trained staff will be delighted to discuss any plans you may have. They are more than happy to offer a specialised self-build advice service. For advice on colours, textures and prices simply speak to one of our specialist sales team who will be more than happy to provide samples to take away with you.

If you would like to include decorative designs in your brickwork, we can help. By providing contrasting coloured and shaped bricks, your bricklayer should then be able to achieve the unique design you have in mind. From plinths, arches and cills to angle doglegs for bay windows, we can help you create the individual style you envisage for your home or building. Cut and bonded specials
Any special shaped bricks that conform to brick dimensions can be produced at the outHaus Brick Craft Shop. This service enables us to cut and bond standard bricks into the design you require (in working quantities) within 5 working days, helping to ensure that your project stays on track and with no loss of time.

Brick blending

If you can’t find the brick of your dreams or match an existing brick in our extensive range of over 500 brick types, we at outHaus offer a specialised service where we will mix together different brick types of your choice to create your own personal and unique blend. No order is too big or too small for this service.

Brick matching services

Are you renovating or extending your property? Are you having difficulty finding a brick to match your existing brickwork?
If so we will send one of our highly experienced representatives to view your brickwork and identify your brick type or suggest the closest match.





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