Interior & Exterior Tiles

Bring the Inside – Outside with interior & exterior porcelain floor & paving tiles from outHaus.

Have you ever wanted to make your patio and living area feel like one? outHaus are delighted to launch a new exclusive range of 10mm & 20mm porcelain floor tiles that can be used inside and outside your home. Yes, you can have the same floor tile on your patio, kitchen and living area, making this space seamlessly feel like one big room. These tiles are now on display in outHaus with an extensive range of natural colour to choose from – colours that are very difficult to distinguish from real natural stone tiles.

It doesn’t just stop there….porcelain tiles, unlike natural stone, absorb little or no water. What does this mean? LOW maintenance! When water penetrates natural stone or concrete paving, algae tends to grow and this makes your paving look green. Normally this algae can be cleaned off with a good stone/concrete cleaner and a power wash. With porcelain tiles this process can’t occur because the water can’t penetrate the tile – how do you clean them? Just a mop and a bucket of warm water. Spill a drop of red wine while dining alfresco – no need to worry this product doesn’t stain.


  • 11mm Thick Internal tile ,smooth finish (R9 Slip rating)
  • 20mm Thick External Anti-Slip tile (R11 Slip rating)
  • Allows continuity of the same flooring both inside and out.
  • No sealing required!
  • Frost proof .Does not absorb water and is not affected by mould or moss
  • Very easy to maintain, and resistant to chemicals
  • Remains unaltered over time, both in colour and technical characteristics
  • Unrivalled durability (breaking Strength= T-11)
  • Exterior material is only 20mm and comes boxed, it is easier to transport and handle.

This products extraordinary resistance, easy installation and sophisticated design mean that it can be used in almost any exterior and interior space!


For more information call outHaus 01 8441200


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