Room to Improve’s episode on Sunday night the 20th of March at 9.30 pm showed Michael and Cliona who bought a semidetached house in Killester, North Dublin had started renovations on their new home and got Dermot Bannon in to complete the unfinished renovations hoping that Dermot could turn their 1950’s home into a more modern home. 

Dermot and his client’s visited our brick specials unit in Santry to talk to our “brick expert” Keith O’Sullivan, Sales & Marketing Director of the outHaus Group. Keith was on hand to offer expert advice on the best solution to matching brick in with the existing brick on the 1950’s building. 

Dermot and his Client’s were working to a tight schedule to get the right brick on site. When Keith looked at the brick that the Client’s had brought into him, Keith looked at the brick and said “Firstly the brick were looking at is a concrete brick, it’s probably a 1940’s, 1950’s brick, a roughened texture on it as well. It’s not an off the shelf product”. Dermot asked can they get a brick made exactly like the one they showed Keith. Keith answered without hesitation that “Yes it can be made but has a lead time of 14 to 18 weeks”. They didn’t have the time that was needed to get the exact replica of the brick made. Dermot said he needed the bricks on site by Monday so they had to come up with an alternative solution. When Keith heard this, he came up with an alternative solution which was tinting the brick. Keith explained to Dermot and his Clients what tinting was and he explained “We change the colour, we can bring that colour to that or that to that, or vice versa to this here”, showing samples of bricks . Dermot knew you could tint bricks but he didn’t think that it was mainstream. 

After much discussion they choose to go with tinting the brick. Cliona, one of the clients said “He seem’s pretty confident, hes the professional so maybe we just need to listen to him”. Also Michael said “Actually really pleased with this solution. If it comes off, I think we’ll have a fantastic finish”. 

The bricks arrived on site a week and a half later. With the tinting process the bricks have to be built first and then tinting the bricks is done on site. But dry weather is needed for this process. The bricks were built during the winter so we are still waiting on the good weather to tint the brick to match the existing brick to the new brick.

To see this process completed keep an eye on our website and social media and we will show the finished brickwork. 

If you missed this episode of Room to Improve here is the link to watch it on RTE Player by CLICKING HERE

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