Looking for Tile Inspiration?

Look no further, we have a collection of hexagon tiles that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Hexagon tiles are out of the norm and very different from your standard rectangle or square tile but hexagon tiles are very popular and are currently on-trend when it comes to interior design. Hexagon tiles can be used throughout your home, from your bathroom, hallway, living room right through to your kitchen.

Here are the ways that these tiles can be used in your home;

1. Statement Wall

Hexagon tiles can be used as a “Statement Wall” as shown in the above image. The tone of colours and choice of position of these tiles give you the option to make your wall unique. The strong vibrant use of greens, blues, purples and golds make this wall stand out and draws your attention to it. These tiles look great in this large bathroom but these would look great in smaller spaces too if you chose to use fewer colours. Also, these tiles could be used as a statement wall in a hallway or even in an office, the options are endless. The tiles in the above image are the 17 cm x 20 cm Vezelay Iris hexagonal tile.

2. Monochrome

Looking for monochrome tiles? Why not go that step further and choose hexagon monochrome tiles. Monochrome tiles will never go out of fashion and will always be used in bathrooms and kitchens. Using these hexagon tiles will give your bathroom or kitchen that edge. These tiles will work really well in small spaces like a downstairs bathroom, these tiles will give you the effect of your small space looking larger than it is. These are a stylish and timeless tile. The tiles in the above image are the 17 cm x 20 cm Vezelay Sugar and Vezelay black hexagonal tile.

3. Pattern Hexagon Tiles

Pattern tiles are very popular and you will see them everywhere from restaurants, bathrooms, kitchens to office spaces. Why not go that extra step and choose hexagonal pattern tiles, perfect for a kitchen splashback, with their eye-catching patchwork style.

4. One Colour Hexagon Tiles

Just using one colour hexagon tiles give the space some geometric flair and adds interest to an understated design scheme. 

5. Mosaic Hexagon tiles

Mosaic tiles are great for adding a light touch, especially in a small and elegant space. With mosaic tiles, you can make a little go a long way by using the mosaic tiles in just the main part of your room, such as in the shower or on the main wall and choosing plain tiles for the rest of the space. 

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