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Rainwater Harvesting – Domestic

With over 45 years‘ experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality plastic products, the “Carat S” Rainwater Harvesting Tank from Graf is the one of Europe’s leaders in the field of underground Rain Water Harvesting System Solutions. Thanks to one of the largest ranges of tanks on offer in the market, the Graf Rainwater Harvesting Systems can be designed to suit your individual needs whether its domestic or commercial rainwater applications.

With “Boil Water Notices”, “Restrict Water Use Until Further Notice” becoming more frequent, not to mention ever increasing water charges, Rainwater harvesting systems the solution to future water issues whilst reducing your water consumption by up to 50 %. Thanks to up-to-date technology and the complete systems which we offer, we can meet all your needs in terms of convenience and reliability at economical prices.

Why Rainwater Harvesting Makes Sense:

Save drinking water

this is the slogan in times of ever increasing water prices. Rainwater harvesting systems from GRAF are the solution with which you can reduce your drinking water consumption by up to at least 50%. Thanks to up-to-date technology and complete systems, which meet all your need in terms of convenience and reliability.

Cheaper source of water

water charges are set to increase substantially in the coming years. Valuable drinking water is much too expensive for flushing toilets and irrigating gardens. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize the rainwater that falls on your roof as it can substitute up to 50% of the water that you use in your home and pay for via the meter.

Environmentally friendly

Climate change is leading to more violent and erratic rainfall patterns leading to increased flooding on the one-hand and prolonged droughts on the other. Rainwater harvesting helps to mitigate these effects in the following ways:
Minimising stormwater run-off by storing the water on-site for subsequent use which helps to prevent downstream flooding.
During periods of drought, rainwater harvesting helps to ease the pressure on mains water supply meaning more effective use of water resources for all.
Preserves groundwater supplies.
Reduces effort and costs for water treatment and transport
Counters rising water and waste water costs
Relieves sewage treatment systems, as some rain is retained for use later after heavy rainfall and peak loads are reduced for the sewer network.

Emerging Planning Regulations

Provision for rainwater harvesting is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for being granted planning permission, especially in areas that have a high flooding risk and areas that are facing increasing water shortages. As mentioned above rainwater harvesting can help to successfully mitigate both these issues.

Water Security of Supply issues

There have been increasing instances where the ability of mains water systems to adequately supply the population it serves has come under significant pressure. As a result, one can no longer assume that mains water by itself is going to be able to cater for one’s water needs. Effective water management planning will require an effective back-up system when mains water is under pressure and rainwater harvesting is the most environmentally friendly back-up system available.

Ideal for:

Domestic Use – Garden Irrigation – Commercial Applications
Schools – Public Buildings

Key Benefits in a Nutshell:

Dramatically reduces water charges.
Acts as reserve during water shortages.
Automatic mains back-up available.
15 Year warranty on tanks.
Easy to install and maintain.
System sized to your requirments.
Environmentally friendly.

Key Advantages of Underground Rainwater Harvesting Systems:

1. Tank warranty:

The outHaus GRAF tank has a warranty of 15 years. Few other tanks on the market can offer such a warranty.

2. Tank installation:

Unlike other tanks which require concrete back-fill, the outHaus GRAF tanks can be back-filled with pea-gravel, thus minimising the cost of installation.

3. Installation in tight spaces:

If space is tight and you cannot bring the tank from front of site to where the tank will be situated, the outHaus GRAF tank can be assembled on-site and assembly instructions will be provided. Therefore, you will not incur the significant expenses associated with hiring a crane.

4. Water yield:

The basket filters that outHaus supplies with its rainwater harvesting systems give you a 100% water yield (i.e. all of the water that flows via the downpipes into the tank will be harvested, some filters give a yield of only 70%).

5. Automatic Mains-back-up systems:

the outHaus mains back-up systems ensure that you will always have a supply of water, even in the event of a power-cut. Furthermore, if the mains back-up is used, the mains water will enter your house directly and no mains water will enter the tank, thus allowing you to maximise the volume of rainwater that you harvest.

6. Pressure Vessel:

ensures that your pump is not activated every time someone flushes a toilet or uses a small amount of water from the outdoor tap. This helps to prolong the life of your pump.

7. Superior Water Circulation System minimises stagnant water risk:

the pipe-work within the outHaus tank ensures that the water fills the tank from the bottom-up and that there is a good circulation of water within the tank thus further minimising the risk of stagnation.

8. Hygiene:

With outHaus Graf rainwater harvesting systems, rodent guards are supplied as standard and as the system is fit-for-purpose you are not exposing yourself or others to the health risks associated with stagnant water.

9. Outstanding Value for Money:

The Graf rainwater harvesting system can be tailored to your requirements. Therefore, you do not have to pay the additional costs associated with installing a system that will collect too much water vis-à-vis your requirements. Therefore, with outHaus, you receive a top-class system for a very reasonable price. In fact, over a 15 year period it is possible to save 5 euro for every 1 euro that you invest in an outHaus rainwater harvesting system – how is that for a return on investment?


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